Central Opting Out Link, COOL!

During the Sunrise period starting at 1 January 2023, European patent attorneys will become even more busy since they are in the need of collecting information from their clients whether these patent owners are willing to either opt-out their current European patent or European patent application from the UPC regime or not.

One can say it is a real nice opportunity to catch up with clients. However, time is key and all clients of the patent attorney’s practice need to be contacted. In other words, each European patent attorney will be rather busy during the Sunrise period, or probably already is now, to save some time around Christmas for spending it with family or friends.

Arranging the filing hardware and enrolment for the authentication card as well as the features for applying the signature might cause the busy patent attorney to become extremely nervous since it is not so easy to understand all IT stuff and new rules if your heart is actually with drafting patents for your clients.

To avoid swiftly and hastily additional energy to be spend for arranging this stuff by themselves, DOGIO offers these patent attorneys to file opt-outs through our DOGIO system in which one of DOGIO’s European patent attorney will conduct the opt-out using hís filing hardware, hís authentication card, and hís signature. How does that sound?

If you are interested in this Central Opting Out Link called COOL, please let us know, and please keep checking this page intermittently. We will probably update this record a few times to end up soon with an ordering sheet to upload the cases in a way that is allowable for both UPC, DOGIO, and the outsourcing European patent attorney.

München, Wouter Kempes, 23 November 2022