We are DOGIO
IP protectors

DOGIO stands for “De OctrooiGemachtigde bij Innovatie en Ontwikkeling”; the Patent Attorney for Innovation and Development. We are inspired by living in the moment, in order to (continuously) adapt to supply and demand. Like many of our clients, we also strive for constant (product) development and innovation.

Our drive

Connecting people and technology (in the broadest sense of the word) by speaking the right language is of great importance to us. We believe that by ensuring that we understand our clients and their invention(s) and that our clients also understand what is claimed in their IP protection. They will then get the maximum value and rights from their inventions and intellectual property.

ISO 9001:2015 certification

Since its foundation 7 years ago, DOGIO IP has grown considerably and we are constantly improving. Achieving a valued quality mark was our next step. After an intensive process we are the proud owners of our ISO 9001:20015 certification!

All in one service provider

DOGIO IP has grown considerably both in the number of emplyees as in the range of services offered. In addition to patents, we increasingly focus on other forms of IP protection and on being a full service provider. We now employ and train in-house experts in all disciplines, making it easy to switch between the various disciplines.

DOGIO IP is your partner.