Patents protect good ideas

A patent protects the results of your innovation; your product or process. We are happy to think along with you, because we believe that the process from idea to application needs to be an intensive collaboration between the applicant and specialists of DOGIO IP.

What is a patent?

A patent is an exclusive right to an invention, which can be obtained for a technical product or process. Once granted, you (the patent proprietor) can prohibit others to exploit your invention without your permission.

5 advantages of a patent

  • Protection of your product
  • Licensing & Asset maximization
  • Attraction to investors
  • Stimulation of innovation
  • Profits for proprietors

Requirements for obtaining a patent

To obtain a patent, your technical invention must comply to three material conditions:

  1. Novelty – your invention must be kept a secret and is not made public.
  2. Inventive step – your idea must be non-obvious to a professional.
  3. Industrial applicability – your product or process must be technically demonstrably functioning.

If your idea is new, inventive and industrial applicable, DOGIO IP is happy to be your partner when applying for a patent.

National, EU or worldwide protection?

A patent is a territorial right and provides protection within national boundaries or in a greater (international) context depending on exactly where the patent has been applied for and granted.

The best choice for national, EU of worldwide protection depends on the field of the inventions, your ambitions and the available financial means.

Via our extensive international network, DOGIO IP offers to advise and guide you to protect your interests at home and abroad.