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Intellectual Property (IP)
Good ideas deserve excellent protection

Have you thought of a unique product? Protect it with a patent.
Prefer to protect the appearance of your design? Think of a (registered) model.
Or, for the protection of your name, your brand, register a trademark.

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DOGIO IP is inspired by living in the moment. Like many of our clients, we also strive for constant (product) development and innovation. We believe that by ensuring that, we understand our clients and their invention(s) and that our clients also understand what is claimed in their IP protection. They will then get the maximum value and rights from their inventions and intellectual property. Therefore, the process from idea to IP protection is an intensive collaboration between the applicant and our specialists.

DOGIO IP is happy to think along with you.

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Opt outs

For professional IP service providers, we provide (mass) creation and filings at the UPC of validly signed opt-out requests for European patent(s) and patent applications.


Easy journey for IP-protection
and maintaining rights


Monitoring and payment
of renewal fees

Backoffice Support

Carefree docketing with
our Backoffice support


DOGIO IP arranges the validation of European patent(s)


Accurate translations of
your Intellectual Property

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Create and live, innovate and live on!

At DOGIO IP we are experienced to be your guide on a journey to obtain and maintain IP protection: from an early idea to (writing and) submitting the application, up to the subsequent granting procedure and to maintenance and infringement cases. We employ and train in-house experts in all disciplines; for all forms and stages of Intellectual Property, feel welcome at DOGIO IP.

The process from idea to IP protection is an intensive collaboration between the applicant and our specialists. Whether it concerns requesting a single form of protection or developing an IP portfolio, we are happy to think along with you.
DOGIO IP is your partner.