Validation European patent – NL

DOGIO Patents offers the service of providing translation and validation of European patents in the Netherlands. Within this position DOGIO Patents also provides the domicile address in the Netherlands.
A European patent requires independent validation in the countries you want your invention to be patented in. In case you want your European patents to be validated in the Netherlands, it is required by law to file a translation of the claims of the patent in Dutch. The text and the description of the patent can be either in Dutch or English.

Everyone is authorized to file this translation. In theory, there is no need for an intermediate person, or a representative such as a Dutch patent attorney. However, in most international cases, where patent holders or firms do not have a domicile address in the Netherlands, this is rather inconvenient. In response to the filing of the translation, the Netherlands Patent Office will send a letter, either a No-Formal-Defect-letter or a Formal-Defect-Letter, indicating the validation of the patent. In the absence of a Dutch representative having a domicile address in the Netherlands, such a letter is sent to the applicant of the patent directly. When it comes to efficiency and clarity, this can be an undesirable situation.

DOGIO provides a service to overcome this inconvenient situation, providing not only the option to translate and validate a patent, but also to act as the Dutch representative. Within this position we are able to receive the mail from the Netherlands Patents Office and forward this immediately to those responsible. Do not hesitate to contact us with any specific questions.

Validation tariff for European patents in the Netherlands € 125,=


  • filing translated documents with the NL Patent Office,
  • filing domicile address, and
  • 25 euro filing fee payments;

Validation tariff for European patents in Belgium € 100,=


  • filing translated documents (irrespective of FR/NL/DE language) with the BE Patent Office,
  • filing domicile address, and
  • filing the Power of Attorney;

Translation tariff:

  • 17 euro per 100 words for EN>NL;
  • 20 euro per 100 words for DE>NL and FR>NL.

Prices mentioned are excluding VAT