Trademarks protect the promotors of your ideas

The power of trademarks is securing name-awareness while promoting the unique properties of your product or service. Your trademark deserves protection. DOGIO IP is happy to think along with you.

What is a trademark?

Trademark registration provides a monopoly for the use of a trademark for given products and services.

Advantages of a trademark registration

  • Protection of your trademark
  • Licensing & Valorisation
  • Sign of professiona- lism
  • Monopoly on your brand

Requirements for trademark registration

The registration of your trademark is subject to statutory rules. Your trademark must comply with these rules.

Your trademark must be distinctive. It may not be identical or very similar to a previously registered trademark for the same or similar products and services.

An important step is the classification of a trademark; select goods and services for which you wish to use your trademark. This classification determines the scale of the monopoly that you receive for your trademark.

Individual, collective of certification TM?

As part of the application procedure, you also state whether your trademark is an individual, a collective or a certification trademark.

  • An individual mark differentiates products or services of one company from those of another company.
  • Certification marks show that the owner of the mark has guaranteed that the products or services bearing the mark have certain characteristics
  • A collective mark is a mark owned by an association and used by the members of that association to show that the products or services bearing it are provided by a member of the association.

DOGIO IP offers advice and guidance in protecting your trademark at home and abroad.