Designs protect unique appearances

Is design your core business? Then it may be a good idea to record the looks of your innovation by means of registering your design. DOGIO IP is happy to think along on how best to protect your design.

What is a model?

A model (3D), drawing (2D) or combination of both relates to the appearance of a (part of a) product, which is novel and has individual character.

A registered design gives you the exclusive right to use your design and to stop anyone who wants to exploit your design without your consent.

Design registrations are about appearances only. Technical effects are not included; this is patent law.

Advantages of design registration

  • Protection of your design
  • Licensing & Valorisation
  • Monopoly on your design

Requirements design registration

To claim a design right, the design must be novel and have individual character:

  • Novel – your design must be new, not yet be known to the public.
  • Individual character – your design may not strongly resemble an existing design.

Benelux, EU or worldwide registration?

A design is a territorial right and provides protection nationally or in a greater (international) context, only where the patent is applied for and granted.

The best choice for national, EU of worldwide protection depends on the field of the inventions, your ambitions and the available financial means.

DOGIO IP offers advice and guidance as to protect your designs at home and abroad.