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DOGIO Patents has set itself the goal of demonstrating that intellectual property is a way to stimulate innovation. In this we take an active approach. We seek out inventors to enter into dialogue with them. We visit fairs, companies and specialists from all fields to stay on top of the state of the art. This is why we are present at events such as Tecnology for Health. We want to support and promote IP for Health, and through that stimulate innovation within the entire healthcare system.

Tech4healthWe support our clients in building up Intellectual Property, because we know that patenting stimulates development and innovation. We are here to help businesses obtain a competitive position at the pinnacle of innovation and be your partner in realizing your ambitions. IP is a means to spread, finance and stimulate the newest developments within health-tech. It is not about the IP itself, but about the places it can take you and your industry. We want to help you makes this happen.

As a young company we know exactly how challenging, but especially exciting it can be to turn an idea into a successful business. DOGIO Patents enjoys helping start-ups create a firm position within their industry and be their partner in realizing their ambitions. We are equally happy to help more established companies in rediscovering how patents don’t limit, but actually drive innovation.

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