What is a patent?

An invention for which a patent can be obtained can be a physical product or a process. An invention always solves a problem or resolves a limitation within the state of the art. For example, beforehand the battery of a mobile phone only lasted for four hours, but as a result of a new invention de phone stays usable for six hours. A granted patent gives the exclusive right to, during up to 20 years, make, sell, use or otherwise exploit your invention. During this period the patent holder can stop others from commercially using the invention without your permission.

At the same time an opportunity arrises to sell this right to commercially use your invention to others. This can be through the complete transfer of a patent to someone else, but also through a license agreement. A license agreement lays down the conditions under which the licensee can use the invention, for example a fee to be paid periodically to the license holder. As such, a patent does not only provide protection, but also creates an opportunity for additional profit and the chance to quickly spread innovation across the globe.

At DOGIO Patents we provide advise on the possibilities for your enterprise when it comes to applying for a patent and how to use such a patent as effectively as possible in order to realise your ambitions.

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