Balance check

Prevent having not enough balance on your patent depot. With the Balance Check you receive a regular, automated update of the amount in deposit. The Balance Check can be downloaded for free here

To make a payment to the Dutch Patent Office or the European Patent Office it is essential to have sufficient balance in your depot. This information can be retrieved from the Dutch Patent Office or the EPO. However, this can only be done using a EPO Smart card that connected to a workstation that has the necessary software (Gemalto). Moreover, it is up to you to regularly check this. Especially since, if at the moment of payment it turns out you do not have sufficient balance, it takes several days before the balance is replenished.

To prevent this, it is convenient to regularly check your balance. The Balance Check makes it possible to receive an automated daily update of the balance on the depot. In the settings, you can choose when you want to be updated. The only condition is that the workstation is operational, connected to the internet and the EPO Smart card.


  • each day actual balance information
  • completely automated
  • operational for the Dutch Patent Office and EPO
  • free

The Balance Check can be downloaded for free here. An instruction manual on how to set up the Balancechecker can be found here.
Of course the software operates completely seperate from DOGIO Patens. Information about your balance on the depot is secure, safe and private.
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