About us

DOGIO Patents is a patent office that aims to be close to inventors to provide the best possible custom made advice. We enjoy being one of the first involved in the innovation and development of new products. As a patent office we do a lot more than just writing patent applications. After all, it is not about the patent itself, but about what can be achieved by it.

In a society that changes and develops ever more rapidly, a patent is often considered a costly limitation instead of a means to spread, finance and stimulate development and innovation. DOGIO Patents has set itself the goal of getting rid of this misconception and to demonstrate that the patent system is in fact a way to stimulate innovation.

We believe in an active approach. We seek out inventors to enter into dialogue with them. We visit fairs, companies and specialists from all fields to stay on top of the state of the art. The innovation we constantly see with our clients, is what we strive after in our team. Within six years a single employee became an international team with areas of expertise ranging from molecular biology to engineering to online developments within healthcare technology.

As a young company we know exactly how challenging, but especially exciting it can be to turn an idea into a successful business. DOGIO Patents enjoys helping start-ups create a firm position within their industry and be their partner in realizing their ambitions. We are equally happy to help more established companies in rediscovering how patents don’t limit, but actually drive innovation.

DOGIO Patents was founded on 26 January 2012 by Wouter Kempes. He started as an independent patent attorney, but by now DOGIO Patents has grown to be a company with several patent attorneys and patent attorney trainees. Our patent attorneys prefer personally visiting inventors and R&D departments. Because we enjoy experiencing innovation where it originated. This also improves the advice we give; we see so much more within a company than in a visit to our office. This philosophy is reflected in our name: in Dutch DOGIO stands for The Patent Attorney for Innovation and Development.

DOGIO’s strategy is based on living in the moment. This ensures that supply and demand are and remains in balance. DOGIO strives for continuous product development, with which we distinguish ourselves from comparable patent offices.

DOGIO is The Patent Attorney at Innovation and Development, distinctive in making the connection between people and technology by speaking the right language.

Be big by innovative technology!