Patent maintenance

After a patent has been granted it is important to keep an eye on a number of things. DOGIO Patents assists en advises you as the holder of the patent after the granting of the patent on the following elements:

Infringement of your patent rights
DOGIO Patents assists and advises you when you think a third party violates your patent rights. How can you avoid this and which steps need to be taken to ensure this?

Infringement of an external patent
In the case you are accused of violating the patent rights of a third party we can provide advice and assistance. Collaboration with our patent attorneys can prevent unnecessary court cases and saves you time and concerns.

To prevent violating any patent rights it can be useful to carry out an infringement analysis. Go here for more information on infringement analyses and what role DOGIO Patents can play for you in this.

Do you want to sell the right to apply your invention to someone else? DOGIO Patents sets up the necessary papers for the transfer of your patent rights to a third party and for the registering of the transfer in the patent register.

To spread innovation more rapidly or to outsource part of your production, it is possible to provide licensing rights to third parties. DOGIO Patents sets up the required papers for the agreement between you and the person to whom you are granting licensing right to use your invention on the terms included in the agreement.