Patent Valuation – A first overview

A patent is not a goal in and of itself. What matters is what can be achieved by it. To determine the extent to which a patent is able to help achieve company ambitions, it can be essential to put a value on them. The questions is, however, can this really be done? Read more

The Unitary Patent and The Netherlands

What are the implication of the unitary patent for the Netherlands? The reality of a unitary patent is coming rapidly closer and the Netherlands has taken its first steps to legally accommodate this change. Read here about what this means for, for example, the Caribbean part of the kingdom of the Netherlands.

Does IP exist in the 3D printing world?

How do intellectual property and 3D printing coexist? Can products still be protected if everyone can simply print them themselves? Read about it in our column which was published in the magazine Mikroniek.

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Arrival of the unitary patent even closer

On the 5th of May one of the last hurdles of the unitary patent was overcome as the objections of Spain were rejected by the Court of Justice of the European Union. As Spain has no more legal steps to take, this means that the Unified Patent Court can make the last moves in the realisation of this European system. It is expected that the first unitary patents will be assigned late 2016 or early 2017. Read more.

Startups and Patents

Traditional business models within all sectors are challenged by startups that seem to disrupt the traditional way things are done. Initiatives like Uber and Airbnb demand an economic climate where rapid adaptation and constant progress are the norm. Hower, many startups, in their race to be the first, to be the most successful right now, forget the most important thing: to make sure that what makes them unique today, still belongs to them tomorrow. Read more.

A patent: the stimulator of innovation

DOGIO Patents has started writing for Mikroniek, a professional journal on precision engineering. In the columns for this magazine we try and shed a light on the role patents can play within this specific field. At the same time, we also discuss the general changes and situations within intellectual property. The first in the series: A patent: The stimulator of Innovation.

IP for Health

DOGIO Patents has set itself the goal of demonstrating that intellectual property is a way to stimulate innovation. In this we take an active approach. This is why we are present at events such as Innovation for Health. We want to support and promote IP for Health, and through that stimulate innovation within the entire healthcare system. Read more.

Launch database patent licenses

The database for patent licenses (databank octrooilicenties) launched 11 November 2014, and is a digital place where patent holders and entrepreneurs come together. Patent holders have the opportunity to offer their patents up for licensing, while entrepreneurs have direct overview of the available technology. Read more.

Taking a new product to the fair? Advice on what to show and what to wait with

Fairs are an excellent location to present new products and establish useful contacts. Manufacturers and developers naturally want to present their newest ideas to the market. However, this can also compromise the production of a product. What can you show and what is better to wait with? Read more.

Europe: the world’s most innovative region

In July the global innovation report was published: The Global Innovation Index 2014. This annual report is the result of the cooperation between the Cornell University, INSEAD and WIPO. It reports the state of innovation in 143 economies around the world, based on analyses of the political, regulatory and business environments.t seems that the best conditions for innovation are in Europe. Read more.