State of the art

It can be hard to estimate whether an invention meets all the requirements of patentability. Especially the question of whether an invention is to be considered novel can be hard to answer. To make an informed decision about pursuing a patent application a literature search on the state of the art can be helpful.

A literature search is an investigation within the literature in available patent databases on the subject of your invention. The research provides and advice with regard to the patentability of your invention in light of the found literature. Would it be the case that your invention indeed violates existing patent rights, then you are immediately aware which aspect of your invention other parties have claimed. DOGIO Patents can provide advise on the potential adjustment of your invention to prevent such infringement. Alternatively, it is also possible to approach the patent holder in order to obtain licensing rights to be allowed to use this specific invention. Also in this DOGIO Patents can assist you through advice and setting up the necessary papers.

Proceedings for the research and the following rapport are carried out under the responsibility of a patent attorney. The costs related to the literature search and the advice will be charged on an hourly basis.