Landscaping and Patent portfolio

Research on the state of the art and competition analysis keeps Research and Development on edge, whereby the newest developments within the field and of the competition are closely followed. Research on the state of the art also creates clarity on the novelty and inventiveness of a development a company does, and through that provides information on the possibility to patent such a development.

Landscaping simply means investigating and mapping out the patents of the competition in order to determine whether these patents restrict your own products or product development. Simultaneously it provides an indication of the possibilities and patent rights that are still available with the field. Such information can be essential to the determination of the development strategy of a company.

With such research a patent portfolio of the competition is mapped out. Indirectly, this give substance and direction to the company’s own patent portfolio. DOGIO Patents is specialized in executing and providing insight into such research.

Research can be incidentally, but in practice it will often turn out that it is necessary to do this periodically to stay informed of what is happening within a discipline. To some larger companies it may even be necessary to set up a specific Research & Development department. In the initial phase of this support may be used from a patent attorney who assists and trains employees within the discipline of patents. At larger R&D-company assistance may be required in setting up a patent department or an IP-department. The IP-department often forms a basis for the conintued existence of innovative companies, for example by registering which patent applications have been granted to the competition. DOGIO Patents can provide you with these patent attorneys and this knowledge.