Infringement analysis

Analysis of infringement of own patent or patents of others

Are you being accused of violating the patent of a third party? Our patent attorneys can provide advice on whether you indeed are at risk of your product or process violating a claim of the existing patent. Infringement of a patent can result in high costs and sometimes even in a court case. Costs that a patentee has missed by any interference on your part can be charged retroactively. DOGIO Patents will gladly help you to prevent unnecessary risks.

Conversely it may happen that you have encountered a product on the market that contains all features for which you have a patent. Also then DOGIO Patents can provide advice on if indeed there is a chance that a claim from your patent is being violated. We do this through an infringement analysis. We can also advise you on the necessary subsequent steps.

Release recommendation

Specifically we can offer a release recommendation. In case you want to bring out a product on the market and wonder whether a third party holds patent rights to a claim describing similar features to your product, our patent attorneys are available to research the chance of this through a release investigation. DOGIO Patents carefully investigates the existing patent and your invention. Our findings are reported in a release recommendation in which probability of infringement of the patent rights of a third party are considered.

Are you not sure whether an infringement analysis of release recommendation is necessary in your specific situation? Please contact us so we can advise you on this personally.