Funny Patents

Of course patents have the purpose of protecting inventions in a serious way, but sometimes the inventions done are simply hilarious. This can be because they are outdated, farfetched, of because any logic simply seems to be missing from their purpose. Hereby a selection of patents at their funniest.

Divers in your breakfast

Toy diverThis patents dates from 1957 and shows a toy diver which can sink to the bottom. By filling the figurine with, for example, baking powder it will go up and down in the water, as if it is swimming. In the description of the invention it literally states that the little man is ‘accoutered for amphibious military missions’. These divers where made on behalf of Kellogg’s and could be found in your cereal.

What up dog?
hondThis amazing invention is from 1980 and had as purpose to keep the ears of dogs clean while eating.

Is this the future?
3D-brilOften patents provide a glimpse of the future could look like. These 3D glasses, made by Magic Leap and sponsored by Google, try to bring a ‘cinematic reality’ to life. This 3D world can be activated by triggers in the real world. Take for example a box of cereal from which a monster seems to come alive.

Under appreciated?Rugklopper
Sometimes you simply need a pad on the back, is what this inventor must have thought. With this invention you’d be able to this any moment of the day when you think you deserve it.

Toilet roll

Also toilet paper (with tear-off sheets!) once was an invention that was rewarded with a patent. In 1891 someone had the brilliant idea to provide single sheets. You could use these as toilet paper, but also works just fine for wrapping presents.

The Horsey Horseless
Around the end of 1800 the car was well on its way. A big problem that scared a lot of people was that horses, which were also still part of the road scene, would be frightened by this metal competition. Mr. Smith thought he had found the solution: a car with a large wooden horse head. By the time the horses had realized that the oncoming driver wasn’t a horse at all, the car would be long gone!