From good idea to patent application

DOGIO Patents is a Dutch patent attorney firm based in the centre of the Netherlands. We provide international patent services: application, validation, maintenance and defence of your (European) patent.

A patent provides protection to a good idea. Is a product or process new, inventive and industrially applicable? Then you could file a patent application. At DOGIO Patents we are experienced in advising businesses and entrepreneurs at every stage of product development. Do the products you develop infringe on patents of others? What is the state of the art according to the patent database? Is your best choice a Dutch or European patent?

DOGIO Patents accompanies you throughout the entire process of obtaining a patent: from the first idea, to the writing and filing of the patent application, to the eventual granting procedure. We can also be of assistance in setting up and equipping an IP-department, which has the aim of pursuing protection for the products developed by the company. The process from idea to patent application is an intensive collaboration between the applicant and specialists of DOGIO Patents. Whether it concerns a single patent application or the development of an entire patent portfolio, DOGIO Patents is your partner.